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Help in the fight
against the spread of Covid-19

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It's urgent!

Covid-19 has arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is defenseless, hospitals in Congo – unlike in Europe, for example – have no means to save lives, and it seems impossible to contain the virus.

What can be done? Are we to stand by and watch as the population is decimated?

We say no.


We will do everything in our power to help this country, which has already been hit by Ebola, wars, natural disasters and the economic crisis. But only together we can do it.

We will produce masks and hydro-alcoholic gel in large quantities and provide food rations for the weakest inhabitants of Kinshasa. Our teams are ready: seamstresses, chemists, volunteers, NGOs and even government officials!

But this cannot be done alone. We urgently need your financial help! If we wait for the peak of the infection without protecting the population from the virus, mass death is imminent. Instead, we want to do everything we can, together with each and every one of you, to prevent the people of the Congo, who are exposed to the Covid-19 pandemic, from perishing.

How can you participate in this action?

It's simple: Please provide us with your financial support, whatever the amount (from 10 euros), so that we can buy materials for protective masks, ingredients for the production of the hydro-alcoholic gel and food for the most vulnerable people.

Just follow this link: www.gofundme.com/f/solutions-covid19-congo-rdc


Emergency is here. Let's not wait to send mourners or volunteers to pick up dead bodies on the road. Let's give the people a future!

The Congo needs you, humanity needs you, it's URGENT!

Thank you all very much!




we help the Congolese people

combat the spread

of Covid-19

Jean-Jacques M., 44,

This is the right time to do something useful for my country.

Yvette S., 32,

I like the idea of contributing to local activities against Corona.

Keddy B., 37,

Only by standing together can we successfully combat this epidemic.