In order to help the most needy population groups in the poor areas of Kinshasa, Nala Müller, Managing Director of NALA DIAMS CONSULTING, has set up the project "Solutions for Congo (RDC)". The focus is on the crowdfunding initiative for an urgent and effective contribution to the fight against Covid-19 in four urban districts. The project aims to reach at least 200,000 people.

The project is being implemented in cooperation with local NGOs, which have been experts in distributing relief supplies to the most needy for several years. The Congolese Ministry for Rural Development, through the National Agency for the Establishment and Coordination of Centres for Integrated Development (AN-CDI), provides valuable assistance to people in rural and urban areas. This cooperation facilitates immediate and efficient action on the ground.

The aim is to reduce as far as possible the risk of Covid-19 spreading, the consequences of which would be tantamount to mass mortality given the lack of funds in hospitals and non-existent medical care for the poorest sections of the population. The population in the most densely populated and most vulnerable neighbourhoods, which often have to live for weeks without flowing water, on a day to day-basis, should be enabled to limit the risk of Coronavirus infection – and to avoid famine as soon as the risk of contamination is reduced.

Target audience, project beneficiaries: students placed in dormitories, residents of orphanages and retirement homes, farmers, people with disabilities, unemployed young people in Kinshasa.

Concrete projects:

  • Production or purchase of hydro-alcoholic gel on site and production of washable and reusable fabric masks in large quantities. These will be distributed free of charge to the inhabitants of Kinshasa most affected by the crisis.


  • Provision of dry food to the most vulnerable families who are facing famine after the containment measures.

Measures: Gathering the necessary financial resources. All those who are willing to commit themselves to this good cause can help to provide the following products and services:

  • Components for the production of disinfectants

  • Hydroalcoholic gel (according to local availability)

  • Gel dispenser (1 per family)

  • Fabrics and sewing accessories

  • Dry food packages (consisting of rice, canned tomatoes, sugar, oil, flour and salt)

  • Transport and pocket money for the teams of volunteers responsible for the production, packaging and distribution of relief supplies

  • Training for the volunteer teams

  • Provision of information on hygiene rules for the affected population.

The teams responsible for implementation on the ground can draw on established partnerships with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and are ready for action. The planned relief operations will be implemented at short notice. The operational network consists of the following local NGOs:

  • Femme et Enfant

  • Hope Land Congo

  • Makala Bio

Estimated cost of the project: € 1.000.000,00

Deadline: In order to fight the spread of the virus as far as possible, we hope to reach the required amount of relief supplies during the month of May. In this way the target group will have access to containment tools to be prepared for the peak of the pandemic.

We need your support today.