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  • Michael Mueller

"The African Diaspora is committed"

The initiator of Solutions for Congo, Nala Müller, gave an interview to the German foreign broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Here, she emphasizes the need for local Corona virus aid initiatives in the most vulnerable areas of Congo.

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At SFC, preparations for this are currently being made at several levels, both administratively and logistically. If preventive action is to achieve more than a drop of water on a hot stone, it depends on the willingness to donate. At present, EUR 1,685 are available for disbursement in the gofundme pot; the long-term goal is to raise EUR 1,000,000.

Current case numbers (as of 20 May 2020): According to the United Nations, 1,834 people have become infected with Covid-19 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 11 May. During this period, 60 people died, about 90 percent of them in the densely populated capital region of Kinshasa. These figures should be interpreted with caution, as relatively few tests are carried out in the DRC. The peak of the wave of infection presumably is still to come.

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